NEAR-Fest XXXIV – October 13 & 14, 2023

 Vendor reservations are CLOSED for NEAR-Fest XXXIV

Welcome to the location for vendor ticket purchase and management for the New England Amateur Radio Festival. For those who had used our previous tracking system these “tickets” take the place of what was defined as “spaces” in the previous system.

Due to some problems and confusion in the past payment must be made in advance. Please note all reservations (including free non-profits) must be made via this site.

NO SPACE WILL HELD. If you are a returning vendor we will try to place you at the same location you had occupied previously, but your reservation must be made in advance and payment must be complete.

VENDORS AND NON-PROFITS: Be sure to VIEW YOUR CART before completing your transactions to make sure the quantities of items you are requesting are correct.

Can I buy Admission or Inside Parking Passes on this site?

Yes! Follow the link below:


Do I need to sign up for Vendor Space here?

If you are bringing your own personal items to sell you are probably a TAILGATER and do not need to sign up for vendor space here. Tailgaters can set up their own tables outside pretty much anywhere on the fairgrounds to sell and there are no additional fees other than an Admission ticket and an option to buy an Inside Parking Pass. No additional fees are needed for selling, but you may be subject to CAMPING fees or ELECTRICITY fees under certain circumstances. These fees are managed by the Deerfield Fair Association and NEAR-Fest has no control over them. See our main web site ( for details about these additional fees.

Vendors/Exhibitors and Non-Profits have reserved table spaces inside one of the three commercial selling buildings and can sign up for these reserved spaces on this site.

Am I a Vendor/Exhibitor?

If you build or buy items to sell or are selling your services you probably are considered a Commercial Vendor. The reserved locations available on this site are inside one of the three open commercial buildings at NEAR-Fest and typically have a great deal of foot traffic. Non-Profits are often in these same areas if space allows.

Before proceeding further please review the rules/expectations (this page also contains information about rate deals with hotels) and our Privacy Policy

See a map of the Deerfield Fairgrounds layout.

Reserve your Space

Simply select your category “Vendors and Exhibitors” for commercial vendors/exhibitors or “Non-Profits” as applicable at the bottom of this page, then select the type and quantity of what you are requesting.

We have had to increase the pricing on tables and chair rental in spring 2022. We have seen a significant increase in our costs for these items.

Vendors/Exhibitors are required to request the number of table spaces they would like (minimum 1), the electricity charge if any electrical connections are needed and, if they would like to rent tables and/or chairs, the number of each. Price breaks are offered for multiple table spaces. Each “table space” is about 8 feet wide.

Non-Profits are entitled to one table space, one table and up to two chairs at no cost. Even though there is no charge for Non-Profits, your request for table space, table and chairs MUST be made here so our staff can ensure adequate resources are allocated.

If you don’t have one already an account will be created for you upon checkout and you will get email confirmations of your order and your account information. The accounts from the previous system we used DID NOT carry over to this system, so everyone will need a new account to start out.

Typically returning vendors are placed in the same locations year after year but under certain circumstances locations may change. These decisions are made by the NEAR-Fest Commercial Staff. They are the final authority regarding placement inside the Commercial Buildings.

Tickets and Getting In the Fairgrounds

NO VENDOR TICKETS WILL BE MAILED (admission and inside parking passes will be mailed in accordance with the “pilot project” plans if ordered before the 15th of April). In order to accelerate passing through the gate, please bring a printed copy of your order from this site. This system supports electronic scanning of tickets which is not being used at this time but may be at some point in the future.

Gate G opens for Commercial Vendors only at 0600 on Friday.

Regular admission begins Friday at 0900 at Gate F.

See the Fairgrounds Layout page for these locations.

Vendors Hours of Operation

  • Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Vendors must leave the fairgrounds by 5:00 PM on Saturday.

Wi-Fi Access

Mobile phone coverage is VERY LIMITED at the Deerfield Fairgrounds. The only carrier with any reasonable coverage is Verizon Wireless, but even that coverage is limited inside some of the buildings. Because of this the Deerfield Fair staff have been building a Wi-Fi network on the fairgrounds which covers most of the vendor areas. We will have a vendor network available that will allow processing of debit/credit cards but not general web browsing. Viewing videos or other high bandwidth uses are not allowed and abuse of these limitations may lead to a ban of the offending device.

PLEASE NOTE: Wi-Fi service is offered as a CONVENIENCE and IS NOT GUARANTEED. Have a backup plan in place if your business relies on this capability to conduct sales.

Do Your Part

All of our staff members are volunteers, we don’t have a horde of highly paid people to clean up. Please do your part to help ensure a great ‘fest for everyone. If you rented chairs and/or tables please leave them as you found them so our staff doesn’t have the spend hours after the ‘fest to make sure everything is cleaned up and broken down. Make sure you leave with everything you did not sell, and finally please DO NOT HIDE UNSOLD ITEMS IN THE REGULAR TRASH CANS OR ABANDON THEM IN RANDOM CORNERS OF THE FAIRGROUNDS. We get charged each time this happens which adds to the operational cost of the ‘fest. In order to keep the pricing reasonable please abide by the rules. Violators are subject to ejection and possible bans on attendance at future events.

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